Barristers and their families seeking assistance can directly contact one of the panel specialists to make an appointment for a consultation.

Members in rural and regional areas of New South Wales can contact Barcare for assistance in locating an appropriate specialist closer to home.

Bereavement counsellors

Dr Geoffrey Glassock MAPS

A registered psychologist with many years experience in the areas of loss and grief – particularly traumatic loss. He is an accredited marriage and family counsellor and experienced in dealing with interpersonal and organisation conflict. He has worked for sometime with people who have to deal with the loss & grief associated with organisational change.


Life Change Management


0408 436 676

Mal McKissock OAM

Bereavement Care Centre (for bereaved adults)

National Centre for Childhood Grief (“A Friend’s Place”) is our charity which provides information and services for and about bereaved children.


Mal Kissock

Bereavement Care Centre

14 Hollis Ave

Eastwood, NSW, 2112


1300 654 556